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You’ve already met Ari Nikolopoulos, our Head of Service at Smart Commercial Solar. In this new three-part series, he’s back to explain the importance of proactive maintenance of solar systems – so you can get the most value out of your investment.


The Boring Side of Solar

Let’s be blunt: maintenance isn't the most glorious aspect of solar. Everyone loves the idea of putting big systems on their roofs and reaping the financial rewards. The panels themselves look fantastic and end up reducing your energy usage. But having to organize the ongoing maintenance – like any piece of equipment – is just not very satisfying.

The unfortunate reality is that with anything that requires parts to work, we need to keep them maintained and regularly serviced. Getting your car serviced, for instance, is a simple fact of life, but nobody is ever really excited about doing it. 

Unlike cars, though, solar systems don’t need much maintenance to do their job. At least not the premium-quality solar systems we provide at Smart Commercial Solar. Our systems aren’t anything like an everyday car, there are no moving parts that have to deal with potholes. 

While solar systems don’t have the same requirements, they are still complex pieces of equipment that will degrade over time – and much faster than you anticipated if you fail to maintain them.


It pays to be proactive about your solar maintenance

While they might not have to deal with the dangers of the road, solar systems are perpetually exposed to the sun and all the other elements of Australian weather, so they still require regular check-ups. The frequency of those checks depends on the environment – a large facility in the middle of the Outback will likely need more attention than a small solar set-up in a metropolitan area.

So some businesses might need to get their system inspected and cleaned every six months, whereas others may be able to get away with only needing a service every two years. It all depends on your circumstances, which is why it’s so important that you bring the experts onboard early to assess your situation and match the best solar solution for your needs. It’s also why being proactive is so important. Proactive maintenance allows you to get ahead of any potential hiccups before they snowball into avoidable failures.

There have been multiple times when our team has gone to a site, conducted an inspection and found water leaking in one of the rooftop isolators – that’s a major point of failure in all solar systems. They'll tell the business owner that it needs replacing or a specific fix to tighten things up, and then they are good to go. But if that service hadn’t taken place and the problem had been allowed to fester, within no time there would have been far too much water to do a ‘quick fix' and it would have led to an electrical arc, which could spark and lead to fires.

But you can prevent that from happening with a proactive approach to your solar system’s maintenance.Service treated image_V1

Monitoring, Maintenance, Cleaning and Guarantees - What do I need?

So, how proactive do you actually need to be? Is it something that needs 24/7 attention? Not necessarily – at least not from your end. We recommend having a monitoring system in place so that someone has access to the system at any time and knows exactly what's going on. This is the bare minimum – because if a person is monitoring and notices a fault, you can at least be reactive and get a technician out to the site straight away.

At Smart Commercial Solar, we offer a number of different maintenance packages. The entry tier 'Comfort' option involves monitoring, monthly reports and technical support. If something goes wrong, we'll let you know immediately and we can organize for it to get fixed. That's the minimum investment and it’s a low-cost solution that still gives you peace of mind.

The other option is the 'Comprehensive' option, which includes all elements of the 'Comfort' package with an additional annual inspection, rectification management and our Uptime Guarantee. 

The all-inclusive Rolls-Royce option is essentially an insurance package where we cover all costs associated with any rectifications and call-outs – in short, anything that goes wrong, we’ve got it covered. Obviously, there’s a premium you pay with that option, but if that aligns with your financial capabilities then it can be the best choice. You'll always be sure that your solar system is performing optimally, and any rectifications will be covered by Smart Commercial Solar. In the case we do not fulfil our promises, the difference will be reimbursed to you.

If you choose to partner with Smart Commercial Solar for your solar maintenance package, you may save enough money to buy a Rolls Royce. 

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