Battery Storage

Your Next Step in Energy Independence

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Unlock the benefits of battery storage with Smart

In the ever-evolving landscape of energy solutions, battery storage has emerged as an important strategic asset for businesses seeking reliability, cost-efficiency, and sustainability.

Battery storage solves every problem that a renewable energy economy creates, absorbing energy from the grid when there’s an abundance and deploying it rapidly when there’s a shortfall. It can be used to meet on-site needs as well as off-site periods of peak pricing and demand.

If your goal is to achieve greater resilience through energy independence, battery storage can play a crucial role.

How can battery storage make your business more resilient?

Seamless energy management

Managing energy from renewable sources can be challenging, with fluctuations and gaps in supply.

Battery storage seamlessly bridges these gaps, ensuring a consistent and reliable energy supply. Say goodbye to disruptions and downtime!

Scaled-up savings

By using stored energy during peak demand periods, a Smart battery solution not only reduces your reliance on grid power but also brings about significant cost savings.

It's a practical way to enhance your financial resilience.

A win for sustainability

Balancing business growth with environmental responsibility can be difficult. By allowing you to use more renewable energy, battery storage increases your contribution to environmental sustainability without compromising operational efficiency.

Tailored applications

Understanding how to best leverage battery storage can be complex. We simplify the process.

Whether it's optimising energy consumption, reducing peak demand charges, or creating a self-sustaining microgrid, our solutions are customised to fit your unique business needs.

Uninterrupted operations

Uninterrupted power supply is crucial for businesses that depend on continuous operations.

Commercial battery storage provides a fail-safe mechanism during grid outages or emergencies, ensuring your critical operations remain unaffected.

Unlock additional revenue

By adding storage to your system you can participate in grid support services, such as FCAS and wholesale market arbitrage, as well as targeting peak demand events.

The result is a significant improvement to your battery’s financial case and viability.

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