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Battery Energy Storage

Storage solves every problem that a renewable energy economy creates; absorbing energy from the grid when there is abundance and deploying very quickly when there is a shortfall. It can be used to meet on site needs as well as offsite moments of peak costs and demand. For the grid to evolve to 100% renewable energy, storage must play a large role.

Agright Battery

Grid Connect Storage

Grid Connected batteries allow you to charge your battery when energy is cheapest, with solar or during off-peak times, and deploy during peak demand events. This generates additional energy savings by giving you cheaper, dispatchable power when you need it.

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Off Grid

For businesses in remote areas with a high cost of power or properties without an existing grid connection, an off-grid battery system is a financially sensible solution. Off-grid systems avoid network infrastructure costs and ongoing energy bills.

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Unlocking Additional Revenue Streams

Unlock additional savings and revenues with the smart control of your battery. By adding storage to your system you can participate in grid support services, such as FCAS and wholesale market arbitrage, as well as targeting peak demand events. The result is a significant improvement to a battery’s financial case and viability. Smart can provide a detailed report on your site’s specific opportunities.

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