A Smart Guide To Performance Security: 5 Year Generation Guarantee

How it works Every proposal is offered on a realistic performance estimate. This is based on weather data over the last 15-23 years of your location, science-based estimates and accounting principles. We also provide you...

Working with Smart Commercial Solar, Scott and William designed and installed a 25 kW three-phase off-grid solar system with an 86 kW hour battery at a large property in rural New South Wales.

In addition to saving the client more than $80,000 in grid connection costs, the installation serves as an excellent case study for the Australian market as an early deployment of a three-phase off-grid system.

Despite very poor reception on site, we have managed to maintain a solid remote connection for troubleshooting and maintenance.


“This system has gone above and beyond what we thought was possible. I thought off grid meant we had to limit our luxuries, but Will and his team designed a system that could power all my creature comforts and then some.

We were up for a big expense to connect to the grid, then all the bills that we’d receive ongoing. It gives me so much satisfaction to know that both my houses will never receive an energy bill and I’m self-sufficient.”

– Peter Sayer

Written by
Anastasi Kotoros

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