A Smart Guide To Performance Security: 5 Year Generation Guarantee

How it works Every proposal is offered on a realistic performance estimate. This is based on weather data over the last 15-23 years of your location, science-based estimates and accounting principles. We also provide you...

Great news to see that a partner of ours, Impact International, are being recognised for their hard work as they manage supply and demand shifts in their industry and its effects on business operations. As many overseas supply resources lean out,  trusting in our Australian manufacturers on home soil has become more and more neccessary. Impact International is an example of a great Australian company, and a treasured customer of ours, assessing the challenges of the times and thriving in the uptake.

Their installation continues to be seen in the solar industry as a landmark install for quality engineering and an ideal business case. In challenging times it’s great to see our customers are still finding opportunities to serve their industry in every way they can.

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Caroline Frecker

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