Huon weighs in on the renewable energy policies announced by the major parties

The NSW Greens, Liberals and Labour have all announced their renewable energy policies, which seem more knee-jerk than planned?

The following excerpt was originally published by Renew Economy on the 12th February 2019 by Sophie Vorrath. Read the full article here.

“It’s vote-buying in its most blatant form,” said Huon Hoogesteger, a long-time PV industry player and founder of Smart Commercial Solar

“Currently, the industry is already maxed out. Your cannot find enough installers, (and) the cost of labour has sky-rocketed (to meet demand),” Hoogesteger told RE on Tuesday.

“New (policy) ideas such as cash grabs create massive booms only absorbable by those who are prepared to negotiate on quality,” he said, raising concerns similar to those expressed by industry in Victoria, off the back of that state Labor government’s solar homes rebate.

“It’s a very blunt object, when what we need is a screw-driver, tweaking here and there and making small strategic changes to allow the market to grow,” he added.

“From my perspective, we need to be reasonable, and politically considerate of both the tax payer and the (market) stimulation, because it’s already happening, and we don’t need to be knee-jerk about it.

“We need something that we can carry forward for 20 years, instead of this rapid change and big booms and bust. We’ve suffered already from that.”

Anastasi KotorosComment