Huon on The Future of Solar At All Energy

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In the run up to All Energy Australia (Australia's Most Comprehensive Clean and Renewable Energy Event) and Huon's participation as a panelist and speaker, Sustainability Matters has delivered a sneak peak:

Renewable energy subsidies continue to be a hot topic of debate in Australia. Smart Commercial Solar’s Huon Hoogesteger believes serious conversations within the industry need to happen to discuss how best to steer the country in the right direction.

At next month’s All-Energy Australia conference in Melbourne, Hoogesteger — the founder and chief executive of Smart Commercial Solar and a solar energy entrepreneur— will discuss the future of solar, storage and the energy market.

“At All-Energy Australia, I will be speaking about the need to start building for the future of the energy industry right now. I believe we are at a critical turning point as an industry, and if we don’t prepare for the future now by being flexible and bringing data and analysis together, we’ll face some serious difficulties,” Hoogesteger said.

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