Huon Talks Commercial Solar Boom In Fin Review


Huon spoke with the Australian Financial Review about growth in commercial solar.  Here's an excerpt:

The roll-out rate for solar panels across the nation's rooftops has almost doubled over the past year as more commercial property landlords embrace the business case for such installations.

While the growth in solar installation has been relatively flat in the five years preceding, it has surged in the past year, according to an analysis by consultancy Smart Commercial Solar presented at the All-Energy Australia conference this month.

So far, there is around 6GW of solar capacity installed across the country, equivalent to around 3 per cent to 4 per cent of the national energy market, according to managing director Huon Hoogesteger.

Under the current trajectory an additional 16GW could be put up over the next three years, on the consultancy's forecast.

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