Smart Commercial Solar and Solar Car Parks in The Fifth Estate

After a great interview with The Fifth Estate (, happy to see this article come out...Check out the excerpt below and the link.  A lot of ground covered, especially around how commercial solar is now viable and can stand on its own two feet as an investment.

(That's one of our latest designs pictured above.)

Making carparks turn a profit

A new smart carpark product the company is rolling out is also one he says councils can gain benefit from.

“With a carpark, it’s normally just a sunk cost and the council is simply providing amenity. The solar car shade generates a huge amount of energy and provides a covered and shaded area for the cars. Because it can be done as PAYG, the [potential] capital cost becomes an operational one.

“A solar carpark costs only 10 per cent more than a traditional carpark to install, and it can generate between $30,000 and $50,000 a year [in sold power].”

The key is the right site, one where there is an adjacent building with a substantial energy load that can use the power throughout the day.

One of the installations that has been carried out for the private sector is at Macadamia Castle in Northern NSW, where the smart carpark provides shade for 22 car spaces and delivers a substantial part of the electricity needed by the tourist attraction during the day.

The current products are imported, but the firm is in the final stages of designing its own version, which will be a single span 11.5 metre solar car shade. Hoogesteger is hoping the firm will be able to work with Tesla on the rollout of charging stations, with the car shades providing the energy for the Tesla charging points.

You can read the rest of the article here.