Case Study

Frasers - Kemp's Creek

Project Size:

1.75MW Rooftop Solar + 808 kWh Battery Storage



Key Project Stats

Coloured Fractal_1

1.75 MW Jinko Panels

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808 kWh Battery Energy Storage System

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3 x 702 kVA Generators

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Heli-lift installation

The collaboration between Smart Commercial Solar and Frasers Property Industrial has evolved into a strong and enduring partnership since its inception in 2019. Having successfully completed five projects together, Frasers is among Smart’s most valued clients. As one of Australia's leading diversified property groups, Frasers plays a pivotal role in the development of residential land, housing, and apartments, boasting a legacy of over 145,000 homes delivered. 

Recently, our partnership extended to the installation of a pioneering solar system at Kemp's Creek, in Sydney’s west. The facility, which houses a renowned international healthcare brand, presented unique challenges which required innovative problem solving and strong collaboration to overcome.  



The facility boasts a high-strength profile roof with tight spacing, posing challenges for the installation of the solar panels. Smart worked closely with supply partner Hunter PV to extend the clamping zones, necessitating adjustments to accommodate the roof's specifications. 

Issues concerning roof access and drainage further complicated the installation process. Initial plans for crane lifts were impractical due to space and time constraints. Consequently, a helicopter lift provided by Helicopter Lifting Services solution was chosen, a decision which brought along its own logistical challenges. 

External factors such as bushfires and a heatwave - on the day of the lift, temperatures reached over 40 degrees on site – were physically challenging for all present. Finally, navigating council permits and adhering to site-specific requirements added further complexity to the project timeline. 


Frasers heli-lift


Opting for helicopter lifts (rather than the usual crane lifts) significantly reduced installation time, minimising disruptions to site operations and alleviating staff fatigue. The one-day lift operation streamlined the process, mitigating potential delays resulting from adverse weather conditions. 

As with all Smart projects, comprehensive pre-works were completed which included structural assessments and layout planning for inverters, generators, and solar panels. Seamless integration of multiple trades ensured efficient execution despite the project's complexity. 



The integrated network delivered for Frasers at their Kemps Creek property not only enhances reliability but also significantly reduces energy costs for future tenants. As the project nears completion, testing and commissioning are underway, marking a significant milestone in the facility's transition towards a greener, more sustainable operational model. 



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