Case Study

Duntry League

Project Size:

85kW Rooftop Solar PV

Project Summary

Duntryleague was built in the 1870’s and is renowned for it’s pristine grounds, stunning architecture and… solar power? A lot has changed in 140 years when it comes to energy, even the heritage listed are putting solar on their sites. This 19th century mansion operates 24/7, with accommodation and groundskeeping requiring lots of energy.
The energy rates in Orange had periodically increased every year, until finally the premises was paying $10,000 every quarter on electricity. Cost savings became a focus so they looked to the sun for help. Jamie Ash, General Manager of Duntryleague, overlooked the procurement process and looked for a local solution.
“Smart had previously done some work in the area, so we asked for a feasibility study to see what the benefits were. We wanted a solution that used the entire roof space, not just an attractive price.”
Smart went through all the necessary structural engineering and certification processes to make sure the building was respected through the installation. All council applications were managed on behalf of the client so the process had no interruption to the business. The 85kW system was designed to discretely blend in with the heritage building and the installation was organised to avoid any impact on the operation of the business.
“The installers could not be faulted. The whole process was incredibly smooth”, Ash has said. The system currently generates 50% of Duntryleague’s energy needs. It has been 3 years since the installation and the system continues to perform on target.
“In this day in age you need to look at every opportunity to reduce costs and protect the environment, and this is a great way of doing it. I couldn’t speak more highly of Smart”

Key Project Stats

Coloured Fractal_5

Payback Period of 3.8 Years

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Annual CO2 Savings of 122t

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Annual Generation of 139,000 kWh


“Smart Commercial Solar sourced the best rate and negotiated a contract on our behalf, getting us the cheapest rate as well as reducing our energy.”

Jamie Ash

General Manager

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