Project Size:

80kW Rooftop Solar PV

Project Summary

The relationship with Stone & Wood began with 1 very silly, yet very effective cold email. The closing line was “I would love 30 mins of your time to jump on a Zoom call to talk energy (not the chakra kind, the kind you're paying for)”. James Perrin, Head of Sustainability, emailed with a confirmation and signed off with ‘namaste’. There was an immediate meeting of minds and alignment of culture, the possibilities of connecting with the community and driving social outcomes through solar investments through PPA's was something we discussed in detail.

Once Smart was in possession of the interval data, it was clear that there were anomalies in the data set. The brewery had experienced closures through COVID lockdowns, so the analysis team worked in collaboration with Stone & Wood to model a realistic forecast of what the Byron Brewery’s load profile would look like moving forward. 


Key Project Stats

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High profile site in Byron Bay

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Strict Operational Requirements

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Solar Meets 43% of the Electrical Demand

Being a sophisticated client with a previous 100kW system installed with a previous company, Stone & Wood received a full pre-sales engineering suite of drawings inc. Safety & Lifting plans, Detailed System Designs and Installation Schedule. This level of detail and accuracy throughout the feasibility process is what set Smart apart from other solar companies Stone & Wood had dealt with.

Ultimately, Stone & Wood decided to use their own capital to build the system. The bottom line benefits were quite attractive as the 80kW system would reduce their grid supply by 43% and deliver a 3.5 Year payback. Footage of the installation was shared on the company’s social media reaching over 1,200 viewers.


“Smart Commercial Solar were great to work with. They first helped us to identify the right size and type of system we needed through clear modelling. They were well planned and prepared before the install and worked with us on install plans and minimising any impact on our office and public patrons. The install was seamless and we are really happy with their work!”

James Perrin

Head of Sustainability - Stone & Wood