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Juicy Isle

Project Size:

436kW Rooftop Solar PV

About Juicy Isle

As one of the largest beverage distributors in Tasmania, Juicy Isle's energy consumption is inevitably massive. Not only does the family-owned business product Tasmania's most iconic beverage brands - including Juicy Isle. Hartz, PURE TASSIE and Caroline's Drinks - they are also the island's leading distribution company for third-party beverages, snack foods and confectionary.

With products sold to major retailers like Woolworths, Coles, Costco, ALDI and IGA, and supplying market-leading brands from Red Bull, Smiths, Cadbury and many more, one of Juicy Isle's largest overheads is its power costs. Compared to many other production facilities in Tasmania, Juicy Isle is also reliant on 24-hour energy usage thanks to the need for round-the clock refrigeration at its main facility in Cambridge, just outside Hobart.


Key Project Stats

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2nd Largest Commercial System in Tasmania

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25% Energy Reduction

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416t of CO2 Reduction per annum

Nick Blacklock and Paul Mealor standing in front of Juicy Isle's solar system

Solution: Install nearly 2,000sqm of rooftop solar to get Juicy Isle 25% off-the-grid

Smart Commercial Solar recently partnered with ABECS (Australian Beverage Enterprises Co-operative Society), which oversees a number of members with heavy energy needs. Juicy Isle is one such member, and they were looking for ways to reduce their energy costs while also navigating long-term sustainability solutions.

Owner and Managing Director Paul Mealor has never been one to do things by half-measures. So when Smart Commercial Solar approached him about shifting a quarter of Juicy Isle's energy needs to solar, he wanted to make sure it would be a wholly beneficial solution - not just of the return on investment, but for sustainability purposes.

"Whilst Tasmania is a leader in renewable energy and now a carbon-negative state, it is still important that we all do what we can to maximise the amount of renewable energy generated so this can be used within Tasmania as well as exported to the mainland," Paul says.

Smart Commercial Solar conducted an in-depth analysis on Juicy Isle's operations in order to understand how they consume power, as well as how much sunlight, on average, is available at their production facility. 

The 436.5kW system includes 970 individual solar panels covering just under 2,000 square meters of roof area at Juicy Isle's Cambridge facility. The installation will reduce. the company's energy consumption by 25% and lower carbon emissions by a whopping 416 tonnes per annum. Even more energy savings will be possible in the coming months and years through additional panels and the inclusion of battery storage, which will cover energy requirements at night.


"We presented a number of feasibility options to Juicy Isle," says Nick Blacklock, National Business Development Manager at Smart Commercial Solar. "Paul, not wanting to do anything by half-measures, said if he was going to do solar then he was going to do it right. So he ended up installing the maximum-size system we recommended."



Outcome: Massive cost savings

An installation of this size was always going to be a big investment for Paul. However, it only serves to confirm his positive long-term outlook and confidence in the success of Juicy Isle's operations. And his faith is already paying off.

In addition to a huge reduction in carbon emissions and becoming 25% off-the-grid, Juicy Isle is reaping big cost savings. They are predicted to save more than $70,000 on energy costs in their first year post-installation, with expectations that the entire system will be paid off within 7 years.

"Paul was extremely excited by Smart Commercial Solar's pitch from the very beginning," Nick says. "Sustainability is something he is passionate about, and he's very much about leading the way in his space. So if there is some way he can contribute to the betterment of the community, then he is all about that."

With this rooftop solar investment part of Paul's 25-year vision for Juicy Isle, there's a lot to get excited about in the years to come.

437kW Solar System

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