Case Study

Australian BioResources

Project Size:

100kW Rooftop Solar

Project Summary

Australian BioResources, part of the Garvin Institute, are committed to reducing their Co2 emissions as part of their sustainability targets. This site was particularly driven to install solar as a response to rising energy costs.

This site operates climate controlled environments, ventilation systems and refrigeration 24/7. This meant that a 100kW system could contribute nearly 50% of their electricity demand. The client was particularly concerned about the risk of fire, as the solar was being installed on the roof of a sensitive building. Smart designed the system with Trina DuoMax bifacial panels that are manufactured without a backsheet, resulting in a Class A fire rating and significant uplift in performance.

ABR approached the market and conducted a tender with responses from 3 suppliers, Smart were chosen based on track record and design. The project was initially green lit under the budget for Q1 2020. However, As the COVID-19 situation unfolded, ABR paused all capital projects. Because there was a trusted relationship between both parties, Smart felt comfortable in responding with an alternative solution whereby the customer could install under a Power Purchase Agreement. This meant ABR would still claim all the environmental benefits, whilst still delivering massive energy bill savings.

The result was 100kW funded and delivered within 30 days of contract signing. The installation was completed within 7 days with no interruption to the site’s operation. The system is generating electricity 48% cheaper than the comparable grid rate with $0 upfront capital deployed. Since its installation in December 2020 the system is performing at 113% of it’s forecasted output, this is the result of great system design and high quality components.


Key Project Stats

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10 Year PPA with cash flow positive from Year 1

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Sensitive site with 0% tolerance for downtime

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Installing through COVID restrictions

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Designed to the highest fire ratings

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