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AMF Bowling


200kW Rooftop Solar PPA

Project Summary

AMF Bowling is a nationwide group and therefore an ideal business case for solar power. Having been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years in Australia, AMF has been diligent in their approach to energy and efficiency and wanted to make solar part of their story.

As with many businesses, capital investment is a careful consideration, and internal rate of return is key. Solar power can struggle to meet IRR targets and although close to the mark, other investment opportunities can appear more financially sound
from the outset.

To overcome the financial hurdles, AMF decided to take advantage of solar power through a Power Purchase Agreement. In simple terms the solar was installed at no cost to AMF on the agreement that the power produced would be bought by the business. The term of the agreement is ten years, after which point the business acquires the system and all energy generated is free. The best part is that solar power is cheaper than grid power. AMF save over $10,000 per site. Not bad for no capital investment.

Smart work all over the country and were pleased to be able to help in South Australia, where energy price rises were hitting businesses hard. With a couple of sites completed the results are encouraging and further sites are planned.

Key Project Stats

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2 x 100kW Systems

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Delivered with no upfront cost

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$20,000 immediate energy savings

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O&M Included for 10 Yrs

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