Solar Types

We're innovating new ways to install solar

Solar isn't just for your roof

Solar systems can be designed and constructed to suit a variety of applications.

Solar panels can generate shade, whether it's in the form of a solar car shade or integrated in a solar walkway covering. Solar panels can also transform the aesthetic of a building by turning a pane of glass into a source of energy.

Take a look at the different system types below.

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Solar System Types

Simple, Smart, Safe

If you have an available roof space, you have the ability to transform our roof into an energy asset. This is the simplest, most economical form of solar installation with little to no disruption to business operation. Our team has installed over 1000 rooftop solar systems across Australia.

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Ground Mount

A ground mount system can turn an unusable piece of land into an energy source. Where a business has ample land, or unsuitable roof space, ground mounted solar systems are an ideal solution.

Ground mounted solar systems are easier to operate and maintain, providing efficiencies at larger scales.

Our team have deployed multiple types of ground mounted systems to suit any application including:

- Ballast Mount / 5B

- Single Axis Trackers

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Energise Your Carpark

A solar car shade is a functional extension of solar. Where solar was previously seen as something to retrofit, integrating solar into a car shade structure provides multiple benefits in a single form.

Solar car shades out-last other forms of car shade structures whilst delivering energy to adjacent buildings. The structures are modular and can be scaled to suit any size car park.

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Energy-efficient solar car shade system at a well-lit parking lot

The future of solar is integrated

Building integrated solar is where architectural design and solar energy transform a space.

Solar modules are built from high strength glass and come in varying translucencies, offering a replacement roof and finishing material that is beautiful, renewable and energised.

Completely bespoke and undeniably unique, we can assist in the design and engineering of a building integrated solution for your project.

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Solar Finance

Finance Options

You have three major finance options when investing in solar energy: CapEx, Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and Lease.

Capital Expenditure can deliver the fastest return on investment and allow you to take ownership of all assets. This option is suitable for businesses with access to low-cost capital.

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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a contract to purchase solar energy at a fixed rate, which is becoming an increasingly popular procurement method for several reasons. Not only do PPAs require no capital outlay, but they also remove the risks associated with owning and maintaining the solar system yourself.

Solar Lease

A Solar Lease option removes the upfront capital requirement of a solar system and spreads the cost over 7-10 years. This option can deliver a cash flow positive outcome from day one.

No Upfront Costs

At Smart Commercial Solar, we work with several preferred funding partners that can structure finance options with no upfront cost, to deliver immediate savings to your business.

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