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100kW Solar + 232kWh Storage

Project Summary

The Brief:
Smart Commercial Solar were referred to the client from an EV charging company. The client had received around 7 quotes for his home solar & storage. The brief was to fill the roof with solar, with 3 phase unbalanced off-grid capability that met 100% of his houses needs and charge his Tesla. Richard White loves the Tesla brand and explained that all other quotes simply wanted to use PowerWalls, which wouldn’t operate the way he wanted in off-grid operation with 3 phase sync unbalanced.
The Solution:
The solution is a microgrid system with 100kW of Sunpower panels charging a 70kW Tesla Powerpack with off-grid capability.

Key Project Stats

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Tesla 3 Phase off grid system

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First of its kind for Ausgrid

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Uncompromising quality and engineering


“For more than 6 months I unsuccessfully sort proposals for a major residential 100kW solar and large battery installation capable of running 3 phase such that the entire large residential site would be off grid. Eventually via some well connected technology friends I was introduced to Smart Commercial Solar. It was a meeting of the minds and they worked with me on the project at a detail level, such that I was confident of the outcome, costs and timeline.”

Richard White

Property Owner

Design and Innovation:
The key to delivering this project was with our collaboration with Tesla and utilising the extensive expertise of Smarts engineering team. The site uses unique hardware combined with Tesla’s state of the art software to achieve a level of functionality beyond what has ever been delivered on a residential site in Aus.
The site seamlessly switches from on-grid to off-grid, and the solar provides sufficient energy for the system to run on-grid with no import, or off-grid entirely autonomously. Only on the cloudiest of weeks will any power be drawn from the grid, and this is only due to limitations in roof space.
The Grid Connection was complex as the microgrid must switch on and off-grid whilst remaining live. This arrangement is never used in residential situations, this is infrastructure reserved for data centres and hospitals. This resulted in new compliance to meet Tesla’s requirements for Ausgrid. Smart engineers walked Ausgrid through a lot of the design and configuration to explain how the system was compliant, as this was the first of its kind for Ausgrid.
The outcome:
This system would never be built if not for the motivation of the client and the budget that allowed us to deliver the outcome he wanted. For the combination of equipment as a system, the workmanship and the result, it would be hard to say there is a better system in Australia. This system is at the most extreme end of energy engineering in technology and performance.
Richard White - The Man

“This project has been described by Tesla (and others) as the largest residential off grid project they have been involved in. Since its commissioning last year, the site has only used grid energy on a few days and only in tiny amounts. For the most part the site is a large exporter of power to the grid. I am extremely happy at the outcome and it is standout achievement.

Equally, my goal of being off-grid for the whole site has a fundamental environment and social impact. I can say that my and family’s contribution to carbon footprint has dramatically reduced because of this project and the project has provided solid guidance and a strong proof of concept for several future projects I have planned including potential grid scale projects”

Richard White

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