Case Study

Lineage Logistics


1.5MW Rooftop PV

Building Toward a Net-Zero Cold Chain

As the world’s leading cold storage supply chain network, Lineage Logistics offers a compelling case study demonstrating the efficacy of solar energy in offsetting carbon emissions within logistic operations.

Energy consumption extends across their entire business operations, ranging from temperature-controlled storage to nationwide transportation. Lineage Logistics contacted Smart Commercial Solar to expand its global solar footprint into Australia, aiming to reduce their carbon emissions by 30%.

Beyond solar installation, our scope also includes handling renewable energy certificate claims. The project was at risk of losing the VEECs’ certificate volume, given the 31st January deadline. This meant that adjustments were implemented to expedite the timeline, including kicking off the installation without a walkway due to the long lead time.

Operating in an active facility means being ready for unaccounted variables. On top of the tight deadline, Smart Commercial Solar had to navigate a scheduled facility shutdown days before the certificate deadline. Ultimately the project was delivered on time.


Key Project Stats

Coloured Fractal_5

1,607T in annual C02 reduction

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2MW annual energy generation

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$350,000 in annual savings

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