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  • Bunnings Warehouse
  • South West Link Rail
  • ProTen Farm
  • HammondCare

Huon Hoogesteger

managing director | FOUNDER

Anyone that's met Huon is immediately captured by his energy. He is focused, passionate and extremely pragmatic which culminates in great conversation and incredible leadership. He drives on a path to only do good for other people, which in turn builds a very successful business.

Huon has a strong technical mind, inspiring him to design and build a micro off-grid system to power 3 homes (his included) nearly 10 years ago, this also highlights his other strength: manifesting a vision.

Huon began working in solar 10 years ago, he saw the dodgy salesman and cowboy installers taking advantage of their customers. This does not bode well with his values.

The client is the most important part of a company to Huon, so it was crucial to found a company that stood for people first. 

Projects with Essential Energy, NSW Rail, Bunnings and HammondCare are products of Huon’s ability to build meaningful relationships and address the needs of complex energy users.

What motivates Huon is his environment, so he invests in it. He takes time to build relationships with his clients, he supports his colleagues to meet their potential and most importantly, he cherishes his wife and children.

Huon sees the entire picture, that’s why he’s the captain. Huon doesn’t pretend to sing, that’s why chooses "Summer of 69" for impromptu rock star moments.