Huon Hoogesteger


Industry Leader. Speaker. Innovator.

Huon Hoogesteger is a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector with over 15 years of visionary leadership. As the Founder & Managing Director of Smart Commercial Solar, Huon is more than an industry expert; he's a dynamic thought-leader and a catalyst for positive change.

In 2012, Huon founded Smart Commercial Solar with a mission to elevate commercial solar standards and revolutionise the energy retail model. A pioneer in Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Huon accelerated solar adoption in the commercial space, working with brands like Bunnings Warehouse, KFC, and more.

His expertise spans Off Grid, Grid Connect, and Grid Support/Back Up design, and is informed by his own unique off-grid lifestyle as well as his long engagement with the sector.

An Energising Speaker

“Taking the solar precipice seriously means striving for energy security and independence for your own business and for your home as well. The consequences of inaction will come at a significant cost to your business, to your bottom line, and more importantly, for your ability to operate.”  Energy Next, 2023.

Huon's speaking engagements offer a deep dive into renewable energy, backed by real-world experiences and case studies. He seamlessly blends technical insights with a commercial focus, making complex concepts accessible. His global and future-focussed perspective adds an extra element to every presentation.

In an ever-evolving industry, Huon encourages audiences to anticipate the future and avoid complacency. His speaking engagements promise not just expert commentary, but thought-provoking questions designed to spark curiosity and action in the audience. 

Speaking experience:

  • All-Energy Expo 2023
  • Energy Next 2023
  • Smart Energy 2023
  • All-Energy Expo 2022
  • All-Energy Expo 2019

A Leader in the Renewable Energy Sector

“Australia is probably the most energy abundant country in the world. We've got energy everywhere. We just haven't tapped it. It's evident that the energy that we do have could be cleaner, cheaper, more reliable and more abundant.” 

- Energy Next, 2023.

Huon is a passionate voice for businesses of all sizes and the role affordable, clean energy should play in their success. He has been featured in Forbes, the Australian Financial Teams, ABC News and a raft of energy industry titles, from Renew Economy to PV Magazine.

Industry recognition

  • Finder Green Innovation of the Year Award 2022
  • Australian Innovation Challenge 2019
  • Anthill Smart 100 2018
  • Clean Energy Council design award 2019
Huon on ABC Landline, 2019

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