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Power Factor Correction

Supplement solar savings

Power quality is critical to efficient operation of equipment. One contributing element to power quality is power factor.

Power Factor Correction (PFC) aims to improve power factor and hence power quality, utilising capacitors to offset usually inductive loads, for example motors. PFC systems increase the efficiency of power supply, delivering immediate cost savings on electricity.


Power factor can be improved by installing PFC equipment called capacitor banks. Capacitor banks work to correct energy supply inefficiencies, while also reducing peak demand on the electricity network.

A power factor between 0.95 and 1 is most cost effective. A poor power factor (below 0.8) can negatively impact electricity bills. PFC equipment is readily available and may be a cheaper solution than upgrading electrical equipment. Energex offers businesses the opportunity to receive funding to assist with the installation of PFC equipment.

Embedded Networks

Utilising an embedded network can provide substantial savings for commercial buildings such as apartment blocks, office buildings, and shopping centres.

In a traditional non-embedded network design, each individual apartment, business, or shop has its own connection point to the local network. The network operator is then responsible for all metering services, while an electricity retailer is responsible for retailing and billing.


By aggregating usage of all individual units within the development and incorporating an embedded network, an opportunity exists for the site’s owner to gain access to the wholesale energy market for a bulk electricity purchase.

As a result, the collective group purchase can attract a cheaper rate than what is available to individuals. A revenue stream becomes available to the site owner due to the differential between the group energy rate, and the rate charged to individual tenants.

Energy Tariff Analysis

Our team analyses thousands of energy bills every week, interacting with every retailer in every state.

We can perform an analysis of energy tariffs for businesses of similar sizes in specific geographic locations to assist in negotiations.


Our Energy Tariff Analysis arms a customer with the insights they need to negotiate better rates and terms.