a bit of background on South Australia

Sa Historic spot price ($ MWh)

Historically, South Australia has the most fluctuating energy price in Australia. Why? Because of it's location in the National Electricity Market.

South Australia is at the 'end of the line' when it comes to the NEM, so when energy demand goes up SA has to purchase inflated $/MWh from her only neighbour, Victoria!

This graph highlights just how much the energy price has moved over the last 10 years. What it doesn't show is the result of recent power station closures in VIC.

Fortunately, South Australia;

  • Has some of the best solar resources in the country.
  • Has the highest penetration of solar (25%)
  • Has the fastest ROI on solar in Australia (sub 4 years)

You can see why businesses are
securing their energy with solar

The Background on Solar

Price of solar ($ W)


solar finance

Solar energy has disrupted the electricity market. How?

  • It's reliable
  • It's cleaner
  • It's cheaper

The price of solar has decreased significantly over the past 10 years falling from $15/W in 2007 down to $2/W in 2017. Solar prices have stabilised since 2011.

In South Australia a business can pay a system off in less than 4 Years, and now every bank will finance a solar project providing a cash flow positive solution.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are a great way to secure your energy price without purchasing a system outright. Simply put: your business purchases the power the system generates at a cheaper rate than from the grid.

This means;

  • Immediate savings
  • No cashflow impact
  • Lock in future energy price

Solar electricity will become
the major energy source into the future


Max Stenning

Sales Manager | South Australia


Prateek Chourdia

BDM Emerging Marketss