turnkey solar that comes with security

Every solar project goes through a strict design and installation process.



Every project begins with our analysis team. We collect energy usage patterns, billing information and interval data along with post code specific meteorological data to gain insight into our client's electrical demands.


The data collected strictly informs our design process. Array size and orientation is calculated specific to our client's site, structural inspections are mandatory in providing an honest feasibility study.



Our consultants walk through the process with our clients at their desired pace. If there is another solution that can provide more immediate savings we will also assist in it's implementation.


project management

Each project is assigned a project team who oversee site inspection to construction to commissioning. All connection, development approvals and engineering will be managed by your project lead.



We never walk away from a project without installing monitoring. This is provided to the client as well as our maintenance team; who provide monthly generation reports and respond to any errors on the system.

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Maintenance is crucial in tracking system performance and maximising savings. If our systems aren't performing then we need to know what to fix; this is the foundation of our 5 Year Savings Guarantee.


5 year savings guarantee

Every figure in every proposal is backed by our 5 Year Savings Guarantee. This means that if your system does not perform to the predicted levels - we will reimburse  you the difference. 

Our guarantee is legally binding, fully insured and audited monthly: this secures our relationship with every client and extends our promise beyond the paper.

It's all in the data.