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Energy assets require detailed monitoring and maintenance to optimise performance. Our Service department actively monitors and maintains over 60MW of solar systems across Australia and The Pacific Islands.

Monthly Reporting

Customers receive a monthly report outlining system performance, environmental savings and generation targets.

The monthly report acts as a fault log, allowing our Service Team to identify any faults and how they were rectified. If this has an impact on performance the customer is made aware within the report.

System Auditing

A detailed performance audit is completed at the end of every operating year. Actual generation is compared to forecasted generation.

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Future Planning

If your business is a contender for future system expansion or technology upgrades, our service team will monitor your investment and notify you when this makes sense.

We can:

  • Schedule a larger installation into manageable sections

  • Add storage to a solar system later down the line

Where a storage solution makes operational sense, but is not financially feasible our Service Team will monitor tariffs, cost of product and notify that business when it does make sense.

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