proten solar system smart commercial solar

our largest single site installation

System Size: 2.2MW
Daily Energy Savings: $2,000

pro ten chicken farms solar power system.jpg

ProTen owns and operates ten of Australia’s largest and technically advanced broiler farms located in New South Wales and Western Australia. These farms consist of 268 sheds which require a massive amount of energy.

Being a farm, they have high and low seasonal electricity trends. This means that in some months there is a lull in operations, due to cleaning in a particular shed, whilst there are extremely high electricity demands in other parts of the farm. These energy behaviours required a particularly rigorous assessment and understanding from the SCS analysis team, looking at trends in data to correctly size the solar array.

pro ten solar system 2.2MW smart commercial solar
Despite the fluctuating electricity load the solar system was able to deliver a 33% energy reduction. The financial proposal used ultra conservative energy price increases to project a 6 Year pay back.

A power factor discrepancy was identified on site due to the heavy machineries. The system includes power factor as part of the installation which rectifies the power supply near to parity.

The installation continues on time and on budget.