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  • 150MW | Nyngan and Broken Hill
  • 10MW | Greenough River
  • 150 MW | Darling Downs 
  • 360 MW | Agua Caliente (USA) 
  • 15 MW | Sunshine Coast 
  • 50 MW | Kidston 

Prateek Chourdia

large scale development

  • (M.Eng.) Mechanical | UMICH
  • (Eng.Science) Masters Photovoltaics | UNSW 

Prateek is our 'go to guy' for any engineering or design concern because he has more experience in solar than everyone in Australia. Simple.

A true cosmopolitan, Prateek was born in India, grew up in Hong Kong, studied Engineering in Michigan and worked for SMA deploying solar farms all over the world. His career in system design is unmatched and relationships in the industry are wide reaching.

He offers an incredible understanding of inverter engineering and is the mastermind behind our Power Factor Correction solution: which is an industry first. More importantly, Prateek is empathetic and articulate. He can talk, and will talk, to you about the energy market in Australia with great tact.

Prateek commissioned Australia’s first utility scale solar power plant (Greenough River Solar Farm), worked on many more around the world and even got the opportunity to work with Amory B. Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute (if you don't know who this is, look him up).

If you have a biiiig space or an incredibly complicated and challenging project; just talk to Prateek.