Smart Commercial Solar | Northern NSW

What Makes Us Different?



Iain is located in Northern NSW and takes particular interest in Essential Energy regions.

He is of the few people to have an in-depth understanding of the NEM and it's relationship to renewables: If you want to learn about energy you need to speak to Iain.

0400 481 259


our installers are local

We work with a team of local solar installers who are professional and highly skilled. Their expertise is crucial in meeting the Smart Commercial Solar standard.

All the data and engineering behind them is centralised, want to know who puts it together?


we are the leading solar provider

We've got more solar installed than any other company in the area, for good reason.


we're more than solar

Smart Commercial Solar are more than solar, we're an energy provider. We use a high level of analysis built by PV engineers to understand your data, local weather patterns and provide the best solutions. Power Factor Correction, Energy Bill Management and Battery Storage Systems comprise some of our arsenal.

Smart’s expertise, knowledge, workmanship, personal ethics and team interaction were outstanding and beyond question
— Trevor Whitehouse | Essential Energy
I am saving $400 a month 7 years I will own the solar system and be saving upwards of $15,000 per year.
— Robert Taylor | Dudley Hotel Bathurst
Without this approach, we probably wouldn’t have considered solar for our business