A Smart Guide To Performance Security: 5 Year Generation Guarantee

How it works Every proposal is offered on a realistic performance estimate. This is based on weather data over the last 15-23 years of your location, science-based estimates and accounting principles. We also provide you...

Transparent Solar - The Next Big Thing?

We've written about solar glass before, but a recent study out of the US proposes that the next energy boom could come...

Commercial Solar

Huon Talks Commercial Solar Boom In Fin Review

Huon spoke with the Australian Financial Review about growth in commercial solar.  Here's an excerpt:

Commercial Solar

The Solar Juggernaut is Coming

Renew Economy interviewed Huon on his talk about the coming solar juggernaut at All-Energy last week.  Here's an excer...

Commercial Solar

We love the sun, but...

We love the sun at Smart Commercial Solar, but it's obviously not without it's dangers.  Solar storms can be disruptiv...

Commercial Solar

Expert: Solar Prices Dropping Faster Than Anyone Expected

A US expert has put together a solid analysis of how solar prices are dropping faster than anyone  thought they would....

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Poll: The future is solar energy storage

Interesting poll out today --Australians are getting into solar batteries (caveat: despite the picture above, Tesla's ...

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Smart Commercial Solar and the Regional Solar Revolution

Smart Commercial Solar's Nathan Henkes has written about the solar revolution sweeping regional Australia across many ...

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Solar in the Sahara?

A huge solar project is on the cards to harness Saharan sun to power Europe. Here's an excerpt:

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Sending Solar Power To Indonesia?

Interesting story about solar power being sent to Indonesia...not sure how feasible this really is, but it's evidence ...

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