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A $650 million dollar solar project needs $100 million in government funding to get off the ground.  Nice to see the initiative...but definitely makes you ask why aren't we looking at rooftops and localised generation with the same intensity.  Here's an excerpt:

The proponents of a $650 million solar thermal project planned for Port Augusta in South Australia say it will be difficult to get off the ground without government funding.

United States-based Solar Reserve chief executive officer Kevin Smith on Monday visited a site near the Stuart Highway where his company wants to build a solar thermal plant.

"It's a perfect site," he said.

"I mean, we were joking it looks very similar to the site we built in Nevada."

A solar plant at Port Augusta would use more than 10,000 billboard-sized mirrors to concentrate the sun's rays to generate heat.

The energy would be stored in molten salt so the plant could produce baseload power 24 hours a day like a traditional coal-fired generator.

Mr Smith was keen to provide a contract for 75 per cent of the State Government's long-term power needs after it announced last week it wanted to introduce a new competitor to the market and reduce prices.

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Huon Hoogesteger

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