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Lord Howe Island is installing solar, wind, and storage to cut back on the use of diesel.  Here's an excerpt:

Lord Howe Island has finally called for tenders for the installation of solar, wind and battery storage to meet its long-held goal to reduce its reliance on expensive and dirty diesel generation by two thirds and focus mostly on renewables.

The tender for 450kW of solar PV, 400kW of wind energy and a 400kw/400kWh battery storage system was formally posted by consulting group Jacobs, which has been advising the Lord Howe Island Board, and its financial supporters, the NSW government and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Lord Howe Island expects the new system will cut back diesel use by 66 per cent, from 518,000 litres per year to around 180,000 litres per year. It will also mean that renewable energy accounts or 67 per cent of its electricity needs, ahead of the targeted 63 per cent set out in its energy roadmap put together in 2012.

The Jacobs study canvassed two options, the mix of wind and solar, and solar only (550kW0, but decided that the solar plus wind option presented better value and more diesel reduction. The island also has around 120kW of privately owned solar PV, and has three 300kw diesel generators, although only two are used at any one time.

According to the Jacobs technical report, this is what the energy mix may look like once the renewable energy and battery storage is installed.

Read the rest of the story here. 

Written by
Huon Hoogesteger

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