We Turn 10!

Today Smart Commercial Solar turns 10 years old!  We were Incorporated on the 9th of February 2012. We are now one of the most prominent and arguably most respected commercial solar company in Australia. We have installa...

How it works

  1. Every proposal is offered on a realistic performance estimate. This is based on weather data over the last 15-23 years of your location, science-based estimates and accounting principles.
  2. We also provide you with measurable results through our Solar Monitoring and Output Analysis, which is a free service for 5 years.
  3. We guarantee that the system will meet or exceed the performance output power that we have specified, within a 15% tolerance.
  4. If a System Issue is causing a failure to meet the performance guarantee, we will compensate you for the loss of performance/income to 5 years of the system life or the remainder thereof.


What are System & Non System Issues?

Issues that are deemed ‘System Issues’, are issues within our control, such as the design, construction or product performance that cause the system to underperform. On this basis we provide the System Performance Guarantee.

‘Non­System Issues’ are matters that are deemed out of our control, and therefore remove our liability for lack of performance. These issues can be things such as, but not limited to; unusual weather conditions over the given year, service work performed by others that affect the system performance, grid voltage issues, foliage that has grown to create shade over the solar array or site electrical issues, etc.


How Do We Fix Them?

In the event of system performance losses, we will ascertain the nature of the issue. Where the issue is deemed to be a System Issue, the issue will be resolved with one of three methods depending on what we think will provide you with the best result.

Remedy One: Remove and replace any/all underperforming products

Remedy Two: We will increase the system size to bring the energy output up to the original estimate.

Remedy Three: We will compensate you for the energy savings that would be made for the first 5 years or remaining part thereof.

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