Why Coal Is Dead


Smart Commercial Solar's Huon Hoogesteger just published his take on coal and solar on the global energy forum, Renewable Energy World.

Here's an excerpt:

I’m a Conservative in the Energy Business in Australia and Here’s Why Coal Is Dead

Australia is in the middle of a great energy debate in which Tony Abbott, Australia's former Prime Minister, has staked out a position about the future of renewables built around coal that is just plain wrong. Energy prices aren’t high because of what Abbott calls “wishful thinking” and “green religion” — they’re high because of too little thinking and the wrong kind of religion.

I’m a fiscal conservative. Politically and socially I lean to the right. And I’m in the energy business. So naturally, I’d be an ally of Tony Abbott on energy policy, right? Nope. I’m anti-coal; vehemently. Here’s why.

Coal may be abundant but it is not cheap. It isn’t failing as an energy solution because “green religion" has a stranglehold on common sense or the levers of commerce and government. Coal power isn’t being regulated out of existence, it is being priced out of existence. We have witnessed an unprecedented drop in the price of renewables and the market isn’t stupid. We are moving to a zero-emissions future because it now makes obvious economic sense to do so.

Here’s why.

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