World Solar Challenge Vehicles Unveiled

solar vehicle.jpg

It's that time of year again... the World Solar Challenge race --3,000 kms of solar-powered driving-- is on its way.  Here's an excerpt from the story:

Teams preparing to take part in the World Solar Challenge event from Darwin to Adelaide have revealed the futuristic cars they plan to drive 3,000 kilometres — powered purely by the sun — in the October event.

They range from sleek single-seater sports models to a low-slung five-seater family car.

The Dutch team that won the passenger car "cruiser" class in the 2015 Solar Challenge — with a four-seat family vehicle called Stella Lux — has increased its seating capacity to five with new entry Stella Vie.

Team Eindhoven spokeswoman Beatrix Bos said Stella Vie also had a more efficient design.

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