Solar has a lot more work to do


Interesting report out from Curtin University on spreading solar benefits to everyone:

The rooftop solar power revolution may be helping millions of Australians bring down their power bills, but a new report has warned that the people who need it the most are missing out because they cannot afford the technology.

The report from Curtin University suggests poor households are being bypassed by the shift to renewables.

The benefits of solar panels and batteries could also bypass renters whose landlords are reluctant to invest in solar technology, a double-whammy for poor households — who are more likely to rent — and people living in buildings unsuitable for solar panels, such as old apartments.

The problem is especially acute in Western Australia, where the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre report shows that just 7.4 per cent of its most disadvantaged citizens have rooftop solar, compared to the state average of 27.3 per cent.