South Australia to Invest in $150 Million Battery Storage Project

With the threat of black-outs and growing concern of spiking gas and electricity prices, South Australia is now looking to add the world's second largest battery system to its power grid. The rest of the country, and the world, is watching closely (especially after the Elon Musk/Tesla publicity) .

Costs of battery storage has gone down close to 90% in the last ten years, says experts at AES Energy Storage. Much of this can be attributed to steap competition from batterty storage providers such as Tesla and Samsung SDI. With more availability at lower costs, battery storage is helping renewable energy compete directly with fossil fuels.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

South Australia plans to spend $150 million supporting the installation of 100 megawatt hours of battery capacity this year, which would be the world's second-largest battery system behind one installed by AES for California's San Diego Gas & Electric Co in February.

At the same time, Victoria is tendering to support construction of 100 MWh of battery capacity to be delivered in two stages by 2018.

AES says lessons learned in South Australia could be applied in Victoria, which is facing the loss of some coal-fired power, and elsewhere, like Chile, where solar power is growing rapidly and will need to be combined with energy storage to avoid outages.

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