Gold Coast Waste Ponds Could Soon Be Solar Farms

The Gold Coast Council is looking into transforming their network of wastewater ponds into to energy producing solar farms. Utilising floating solar panels, the Council believes that considerable amounts of energy could be harnessed. The electricity produced at these farms would be used for the city's sewage treatment plants. Although just an idea right now, it's good to see councils thinking along these lines.

Here is an excerpt from the article.

THE Gold Coast’s network of wastewater ponds could be transformed into one of Australia’s largest solar energy farms if a proposal being considered by council officers is adopted.

According to a senior council figure, a proposal whereby the city’s wastewater ponds are covered in floating solar panels and used to generate power that would help run wastewater treatment plants and lower council’s operating costs is being considered.

The plan would also cut evaporation from the ponds.

While the proposal is in its early days and is no certainty of being adopted, it could see the city reap the benefits of massive advances in solar power generation.

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