New Material Could Revolutionise Solar

At Smart, we've got our feet firmly planted in the here and now, but we've always got our eye on cool, future trends and technologies.  This one caught our attention... a new material that some scientists think will revolutionise the solar industry:

IMAGINE being able to paint solar cells on the walls of your house, or spray your electric-powered car with a finish that harnesses solar power.

A world in which liquid solar cells can be sprayed onto various surfaces — that’s the potential of a range of materials known as perovskites that scientists believe will revolutionise solar energy and its roughly $55 billion industry.

Perovskite is a raw material that can be used to harvest light and can be mixed in liquid solutions to allow it to be deposited on a range of surfaces — paving the way for new and futuristic applications of solar power. It can be mixed with a range of chemicals to produce a crystallised lattice, and the film itself weighs very little.

The highly promising material was named one of the top 10 emerging technologies of 2016 by the World Economic Forum.