Solar Glass To Make Deserts Bloom?

Interesting solar news out of Western Australia.  We've written about solar glass before, but here's the latest from scientists working to improve its viability:

Western Australian scientists have developed what is believed to be a world-first clear, energy harvesting glass which, if used in greenhouses, could produce crops in any climate or season.

The glass is embedded with nanoparticles that work to draw out 90 per cent of the ultraviolet (UV) and infrared rays from the sun, and transfer those rays to solar cells embedded on the edge of the glass panels.

The rays are converted into energy, while allowing 70 per cent of visible light to pass through.

The energy harvested is used to power the structure, for example providing lighting, heating, cooling, or water desalination and irrigation.

The technology has been developed at Edith Cowan University's Electron Science Research Institute (ESRI) in Perth.

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