Interesting Commercial Solar Move In WA

WA's government is offering an incentive for businesses to install rooftop solar.  Our recent Blackwoods' installation shows that even without subsidies solar makes a lot of sense for business there (here's the Blackwoods' story in case you missed it), and here's the excerpt from the story on the incentive:

WA businesses will be encouraged to install large rooftop solar power systems, with a rebate of up to $40,000 offered as an inducement by the WA Liberals.

The scheme will be initially capped at 50MW, which equates to about 500 rooftop solar systems, or will run for three years from mid-July this year, whichever is reached first.

"This will be open to all businesses or landholders who operate and put large-scale panels on their rooftops," Energy Minister Mike Nahan told reporters on Thursday.

Read the rest of the story here.