High Power Bills Driving Australians To Solar

Confirming what we see every day in the commercial solar world...  Australians being driven to solar by increasingly high power bills.  Here's an excerpt from the article:

The quest for cheaper power bills is prompting nearly half of Australian households to either have already installed solar panels or want to do so.

Wanting to cut the cost and reduce dependence on the national electricity grid were the top two reasons why people with solar panels got them, a survey for Energy Consumers Australia finds.

Protecting the environment was a lower priority, coming in fifth on the list of reasons people installed solar.

"There's a lot of assumptions made about what motivates this group, but when we ask consumers directly, we find they're a pretty mainstream bunch," Energy Consumers Australia chief executive Rosemary Sinclair said on Tuesday.

"They're looking for a way to cut their energy bills like everyone else, and they've lost faith in the traditional market's capacity to deliver value for money and are taking matters into their own hands."

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