Commercial Solar Continues To Close The Price Gap


Angela McDonald-Smith of AFR, who Huon spoke to about energy prices, has just written a story in the AFR about how large-scale solar projects are evidence that solar prices have fallen dramatically in Australia --but still have much further to fall.  Here is an excerpt:

The latest batch of large-scale solar projects have revealed a "new cost paradigm" for the technology in Australia, although costs remain more than double the lowest-cost projects overseas, experts say.

Construction contracts awarded to Downer EDI for the Clare solar project and to RCR Tomlinson for the Sun Metals Solar project, both in Queensland, demonstrate a further decline in costs per unit of power produced that makes the projects markedly cheaper than the first utility-scale solar projects built here, said Gero Farruggio at Sustainable Energy Research Analytics (SERA).

"The costs are half of what the the capital intensity was of the ones that are on stream and were built over 2015 and 2016," Mr Farruggio said. "It's a huge step forward for the industry and for the future of solar in Australia."

Read the rest of the story here.