Solar Startup Aims To Make Solar More Effective

A solar startup is aiming to boost solar productivity by tracking the sun on roofs.  Here's an excerpt:

It’s a bright idea from a solar entrepreneur.

A young solar startup has modified gear that’s commonly used on big ground-based solar panel farms to be used on the rooftops of large buildings.

It’s a rare entrepreneurial effort to build a new type of solar hardware in an industry that is increasingly focused on lowering costs.

On Wednesday, startup Edisun Microgrids launched technology that brings what are called “trackers” onto the roofs of commercial and industrial buildings.

Trackers are commonly used on sprawling, ground-mounted solar panel farms to move the panels so that they face the sun throughout the day as it moves across the sky. Trackers boost the amount of energy that panels generate, and collectively lowers the overall cost for the farm to generate energy.

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