The Best Solar-Powered USB Chargers

Every once in a while its fun to do a blog about solar-powered gadgets.  Here's one of those articles... the best solar powered USB chargers.  Here's an excerpt:

After considering 70 contenders and testing for over 30 hours, we determined that the Anker PowerPort Solar Lite is the best portable solar charger for people who want to power a phone or small device when in an emergency or off the grid. We also like the RAVPower 15-W Solar Charger, which is marginally more powerful, but a lot less portable.

The catch is that these chargers work only with USB devices, which limits their appeal for those who need them for long-term, off-grid setups. If you’re going to be mostly stationary and need to charge or run larger devices like laptops or televisions, or more sophisticated equipment that requires AC power, you’ll probably be more interested in the larger setups from companies like Goal Zero or Suntactics, which we plan to review later this year.

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