Solar Roadway Gets Small Test

Solar roadways are getting their first public test in Missouri.  A small portion of Route 66 will be made up of LED embedded solar panels.  This installation will power the Route 66 Welcome Center.  Here's an excerpt:

Solar Roadway's crazy plan to replace America's roads with solar panels has always been met with a mixture of public glee and pragmatic criticism. Now, though, the company is getting a new, tiny public test, with a stretch of solar sidewalk to be installed on Route 66. According to Missouri's News Tribune, Solar Roadway's hexagonal, LED-embedded solar panels will be used to generate electricity for the Route 66 Welcome Center at Conway, as well as possibly fund future pilots.

"Solar roadways can hopefully create new revenue streams," Tom Blair, an engineer for Missouri's Department of Transportation (MoDOT), told the Tribune. "If their version of the future is realistic, roadways can begin paying for themselves." The solar panels will be tested first on a pavement leading to the rest stop's entrance, with plans to then expand onto the parking lot.

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