Solar Plane Powers On

The Solar Plane powers on over the Atlantic Ocean after a bout with turbulence.  Here's an excerpt:

Madrid (AFP) - The Solar Impulse 2 plane went through "a long night of turbulence" over the Atlantic, its weary pilot said Wednesday as he continued on the challenging leg of its sun-powered trip around the world.

The experimental plane, which took off from New York's John F. Kennedy airport last Monday, is flying over the Atlantic at the hands of Swiss adventurer Bertrand Piccard and is due to land in Spain's southern Seville airport early Thursday.

By around 1100 GMT on Wednesday, the aircraft -- which is powered in the night sky by energy supplied by its 17,000 photovoltaic cells -- had completed three-quarters of its 6,000-kilometre (3,700-mile) flight across the Atlantic.

"After a long night of turbulence and little sleep, I see the first light of the day," Piccard tweeted earlier on Wednesday.

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