Households With Solar Paying To Use Their Own Power?

Many homes in Queensland and Tasmania may be paying extra for the solar energy created on site. Here's an excerpt:

Thousands of solar households in Queensland and Tasmania are being asked by their energy utilities to pay to use the output of their own solar panels inside their own homes. And the utilities involved don’t seem to see any problem with that.

The situation has emerged in Queensland and Tasmania for quite different reasons, but essentially resolves around the use of two meters in certain households. The households are being hit for grid payments even though the solar power is generated and consumed on site.

In Queensland, it’s happening because Energex, the operator of the grid in the south east corner of the state, has decided to switch ‘controlled loads’ for heating water from the middle of the night to the middle of the day in some situations, to act as a sort of ‘solar sponge’ to mop up excess output from rooftop solar panels.

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