Will The Paris Climate Agreement Succeed?

The Paris climate agreement will be signed in a few days time in New York City.  Experts believe that the success of this does not rest on the shoulders of national leaders, but rather the leaders of each country's major cities.  Here's an excerpt:

In just a few days’ time, leaders from over 130 countries will gather in New York City to officially sign the Paris climate agreement. It’s a real achievement that holds great promise. Yet its best chance of success may rest not on the leaders of nations, but of cities. Cities - where a majority of the world lives, and which are responsible for the largest share of carbon emissions - have emerged as key drivers of change in areas such as energy generation and efficiency, housing, transport and technology.

London - Europe’s largest city - can lead the world in embracing positive solutions to the climate crisis. That will be in the hands of the new mayor, to be elected just a few days after the signing of the Paris climate agreement.

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