India Fights Pollution With Solar Powered Rickshaw

India is working on solar powered rickshaws.  Seen in the photo is the current situation in India.  The hope is that new solar-powered rickshaws will cut pollution down considerably.  Here's an excerpt:

They’re cheap and convenient and millions of people across Asia use them daily to get around. 

But auto-rickshaws, or tuk tuks, are also choking the cities they serve, belching toxic fumes in their wake.

Now a group in India says it has developed the three-wheeler of the future, one that’s powered partly by the sun.

For three years, workers from RJMS have been tinkering away in a small workshop in the southern Indian city of Bangalore on a pollution revolution.

“There are many thousands of autos running on the road and polluting,” RJMS Director, Rakesh Sharma said. 

“If we want to be green we need to do something with renewable energy.”

The company has retrofitted nine existing auto-rickshaws with engines that run on batteries. They can be charged not only with electricity, but also with solar power.

The rickshaws appear the same as their ubiquitous forebears but with a solar panel for a roof and batteries in the spot that usually houses a combustion engine.

“This can increase the mileage from 25 to 30 per cent,” Mr Sharma said of the energy generated by the solar panel.

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