Australian Wind Farms Are Adding Solar

Many wind farms are adding solar to their repertoire.  While this isn't exactly a new idea, it is nice to see expansion of the model.  Here's an excerpt:

A total of at least 1GW of large-scale solar could be added to existing Australian wind farms, boosting renewable energy development, generation, and and smoothing its delivery to the grid, according to a new report from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency investigation the benefits of solar and wind “co-location.”

Based on data from 10 existing wind farms around Australia, the report – released on Monday and previewed last Thursday at the Wind Wind Industry Forum in Melbourne – found that major savings could be achieved for developers using co-location, particularly in the grid connection infrastructure.

“It is well known that the development costs and timescales for renewable projects in Australia can be significant barriers for renewable projects, placing pressure on the upfront investment requirements of developers,” the report said. “By co-locating wind and solar farms, synergistic gains can be achieved to help reduce overall cost.”

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