RMIT University Building Becomes "Living Laboratory"

RMIT University is changing the facade of their building to incorporate building integrated photovoltaic panels.  Here's an excerpt:

RMIT University will replace more than 16,000 glass disks on its $80 million Carlton-based Design Hub, following safety concerns caused by nine disks falling off the facade in October 2014, with many to incorporate building-integrated photovoltaic panels.

The Design Hub, completed in 2012, was created as a “beacon of what is possible in design and sustainability”, according to pro vice-chancellor design and social context Professor Paul Gough, featuring the second skin, grey water treatment, rainwater harvesting, low-VOC paints, efficient HVAC and a 5 Star Green Star Education rating.

Now, in collaboration with RMIT solar researchers, sections of the facade will be replaced with BIPV. According to Professor Gough, the move will allow the university to realise “the original vision of the building becoming a true ‘living laboratory’”.

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