Solar Trees Help Decorate Tracy Aviary

Tracy Aviary in Salt Lake City, Utah has added solar "trees" to their flamingo exhibit.  A nice approach that shows solar's flexibility (try doing that with a diesel generator).   Here's an excerpt:

Tracy Aviary, a Salt Lake City nonprofit dedicated to conservation and education, unveiled two new Spotlight Solar structures in its flamingo habitat on Earth Day 2015. The pink sculptural installation, a nod to the flamingos, is the latest and most eye-catching expression of Tracy Aviary’s dedication to environmental conservation, education and solar energy. The installations present solar energy in a striking way, balancing energy production and aesthetics.

“We are proud to be able to introduce this innovative approach to capturing and creating solar energy at Tracy Aviary,” said Tim Brown, executive director of Tracy Aviary. “These solar trees directly align with our conservation and education mission. Thanks to Rocky Mountain Power, Spotlight Solar and Creative Energies, we are able to educate people about solar power in a unique and very visual way.”

Tracy Aviary introduced this elegant visual statement of renewable energy to educate the public on the benefits of solar power and to provide shade for patrons and birds. The pink solar structures will build awareness about the benefits of solar energy among Tracy Aviary’s 130,000 visitors.

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