Path Of Luma-- Clean Energy Brought By Video Game

Path of Luma is a new phone game which has already been downloaded 1.5 million times. In this game you control a robot that must save worlds using clean energy.  Here's an excerpt:

Electrons may be tiny, but they’re big business: The $375 billion US energy market exists in order to generate the electrons that provide 321 million Americans with the power that fuels our modern lives.

Yet not all electrons are created equally. Power is power, but a kilowatt hour of electricity generated by burning coal has an entirely different environmental impact than the same amount generated from wind or solar. So private power companies are increasingly letting their customers choose where their electrons come from –and betting that if consumers and businesses have a choice between buying traditional or clean power, they’ll choose the green alternative.

“Ten years ago no one knew where their food came from,” says Dan Keyes, a Solar Development Analyst at NRG, a supplier of renewable energy. “Now we see local foods popping up at grocery stores. Farm to table is all the rage. Few people realize that they can do the same with power.”

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